Working Committee

NSEG has formed few working committees to enhance engineering geology related works in Nepal and aboard. Followings are committees along with their objectives.

1. Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) Coordination Committee

This committee has been formed in NSEG to have consultation meetings with the Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) for registration of Engineering geologists in NEC. NSEG believes that NEC should start to bring Nepalese Engineering Geologists under the NEC umbrella for sustainable infrastructure development in Nepal. 

Coordinator: Mr. Tara Prakash Silwal (Executive Member of NSEG) 

Members:  Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal, Dr. Kumud Raj Kafle, Mr. Kanchan Chaulagai, Mr. Nabin Sapkota, and  Mr. Bikash Phuyal are members of this committee.

2. Membership Enhancement Committee

NSEG has formed a membership enhancement committee to attract many engineering geologists, geologists, geotechnical engineers and disaster experts in NSEG. 

Coordinator: Mr. Nabin Sapkota (Executive Member of NSEG)

Members: Mr. Tara Prakash Silwal, Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal, Ms. Durga Khatiwada, Mr. Arun Dhoj Adhikari, and Mr. Kanchan Chaulagai 

3. Publication Committee

NSEG is going to start its journal and newsletter in the coming future. We are trying to have some collaborations with few organizations of the same interest for combine publication also.

Coordinator: Mr. Bikash Phuyal

Members: Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal, Dr. Kumud Raj Kafle, Dr. Manita Timilsina, Ms. Durga Khatiwada


4. Training Course Committee

NSEG is going to start one-day training course to its members and fresh engineering geologists and geologists to work in engineering projects. This course will be very helpful for young geologists, geotechnical engineers, and engineering geologists. 

Coordinator: Dr. Manita Timisina (Tresurer of NSEG)

Members:  Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal, Dr. Kumud Raj Kafle, Ms. Durga Khatiwada, Mr. Kanchan Chaulagai 

5. NSEG Lecture Series Committee

NSEG has formed a committee to organize tri-monthly NSEG Lecture Series. The committee will decide dates, venues, and speakers for the lecture series. 

Coordinator: Dr. Kumud Raj Kafle

Members: Mr. Kanchan Chaulagai, Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal, Mr. Nabin Sapkota, and  Mr. Bikash Phuyal