Welcome to Nepalese Society of Engineering Geologists (NSEG)

Nepalese Society of Engineering Geologists (NSEG), founded in 2018, is a non-profitable society working in a congregational manner in Nepal as well as international level in the field of Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering. It also enhances International Association of Engineering Geology and Environment (IAEG) membership to achieve some common goals in the development of engineering geological science.  The priorities aim of the society is to upgrade engineering geology through research, survey, investigation, exchanging view and perspective with national or international experts and by promoting other scientific activities with some of the new techniques. 

NSEG is a professional and scientific organization comprising members from the fields of Engineering Geology, Geology, Geomorphology, Geography, Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Disaster Risk Management. The NSEG will bridge between geologists, engineers and social scientists in Nepal and will provide a vibrant platform for discussing and debating geotechnical and engineering geological problems and will support Nepal for the sustainable development planning.

The society will regularly organize national/international symposium/seminars/workshops in various parts of the country and will attract experts, students, professionals from related fields of Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering from Nepal and abroad. NSEG will also start the training program on Engineering Geology for young professionals and will encourage them to work in international standard.

The NSEG will serve the Nepalese National Group of the International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG) and will also very actively support activities of IAEG in Nepal. 

For membership of NSEG, download the membership form and fill it and send to us. Click here to download the membership form.

Upcoming Events

  • First Himalayan Engineering Geological Congress (HEGC-I)Engineering Geology and Geotechnics for Developing Countries“, 12-13 May 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal. Click here to download final program. Click here to download pdf file of Second Circular.

Completed Events

  • NSEG has completed its Second Lecture Series on February 22.
  • First NSEG Lecture and annual meeting of NSEG were organized on 10 August 2018.